Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who would never ever work at mcdonalds?

i work there but i was just askin.lol.

im 19 and where i live it's like impossible to get a job i've applied to many places mcdonalds being one of them i mean in times of a bad economy like this and people are being laid off left and right you can't be too picky about where you work. i mean before the economy was this bad i would never consider working at mcdonalds because i don't like their food plus im a vegetarian but since the economy isn't as good anymore money is money and a job is a job.

If I was a teenage and had needs and goals. What is the difference ? They must be doing something right otherwise there would not be so many of them. I have NEVER heard of them cheating employees!!

Peole who feel that it is ABOVE them to work there are too shallow

maybe if i need a job while i was at college. if i was at college and need a job i would rather work at subway, the mall any where but Macdonald's

P.S: NO offense 2 u. sorry if i offended u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

I think someone who doesn't really care about there outward apperance. I also think someone who needs the money and someone who really wants money! i would work there only for money!

Well the ones who live in New York, or Paris would never work there. Only the rich wouldn't work there. Like Me.

I wouldn't.

There are higher paying jobs that are better.

I am way overqualified for mickey Ds.

a jobs a job.. I know some cool peole out there think they are too good to work there but whatever...

I could never work there cause I'd eat all the fries..

I would only work there for like my FIRST job ever if i was like 14 or something. But working there isn't bad. Least you get paid!

The greatest thing on eating at fast food is that they always give you some free food. Well, some of them.

i wouldnt be caught dead working there-but then again id probably still be moving faster than their employees

I wouldn't. But that's OK if you do. It's better than no job at all.

I wouldn't.

not to be racist or anything but i only see spainish peeps working there

I wouldn't


i wouldnt. i would never be able to eat there again if i did...

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