Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it true that people who work at fast food places get fired easily?

well, someone told me that in fast food places people get let go and fired very soon, and that my friend always sees new faces at taco bell and burger king each time she goes every 3 weeks

is this true?

if so, why?

im not from USA, i just moved a month ago

Yes, they get fired alot and they quit alot too. It's hard to keep this kind of help because usually they are young kids and quickly move on to other jobs, maybe they are only working for the summer, and many times they have no work ethic, and end up getting fired.

Yes and no.

Essentially, these companies expect turn-over to be high, because people quit often. So, they're usually more prepared to fire people - but they still won't unless they have a reason to.

a lot of fast food places hire teenagers and a lot of them are not reliable and don't really want to work. So there is a high turn over in fast food

It's possible. They could also be moving on to better jobs.

I don't know anyone who wants to make a career in fast food.

just do your job right, all you want get fired.

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