Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is this what would happen if Indiana Jones was shorted a chicken nugget at McDonald

He counts the nuggets at the counter to see he only got 19 instead of 20, he looks up and gets pschyed up and ready for action knowing what he must do, and then he uses his whip to latch it onto a a piece of equipment overhead, swings back there on his whip, reaches into the nugget tray, takes out a nugget so that's he gets all 20 like he paid for, and then the manager and the mcemployees all pull out machine guns and start shooting at him and then he jumps over the counter avoiding the bullets, retracts his whip, he suddenly uses his whip and latches it onto one of the machine guns and jerks it toward him knocking his and other employees aim off, retracts it yet again, a few employees still continue firing as the other redirect their aim as he runs low and fast through the McDonald's lobby while holding his hat down in case they might shoot off his hat, and then he makes it to the door, he gets in his old 40s classic car, starts it and steps on the gas as the employees run outside still opening fire on him and his car, as he hightails it out of there just in time, and then he realizes he's ok but his car's got a few bullet holes in it, he says "Jeeeze, all this over a chicken nugget.... I'm getting too old for this..."

Is that what would happen?

If I saw that (Indiana Jones thing) happen, I'd be laughing really hard.

If I got shorted, I'd start yelling "YOU RIPOFFS!"

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.....oh jeez. Quite a fan aren't you? I woul simply say you forgot a nugget. No soup for you!!!!!!! jk they would give me one if I asked and if not I would walk out shouting this is the worst mcdonalds ever i cant believe you spit in my drink!!!!!!!

youre assuming that Indiana Jones would order chicken nuggets at McDonalds...i dont know, he strikes me as more of a Big Mac kinda man....

IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ;p

I can't help but to think this has the makings of another movie... lol... Indiana jones and the box thats too light. Thats about what i would do. maybe with a little newer car though

you forgot the giant big mac rolling down to squash him lol

no i don't think so

er... i would shout at them

HAHAHA . that's probably what would happen .

i would realize i am short a chicken nugget , than i would get real angry , my body would start shaking, and i would start breathing real heavy . next thing you know my skin is green and my muscles ripped my clothes right off , well except my shorts , duh .i'll walk up to the cash register and be like " im one chicken nugget short biiitcch" and the girl will look up and be like shiit she is green and ripped and will be so scared i will get 20 extra free nuggets .


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