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So I

my actions to the beginning I came to home town buffet paid to get in got a plate said Hi to my friend that works there and is the chef we had a nice conversation, while he gave me steak and ground beef to eat. One of the coworkers told on my friend telling the manager that he was talking to friends. I don't know if this was true, but when I asked the coworker is everything ok?

she ignored me. So I guess it was something personal between my friend and her. At the time I was looking for food to put on my plate and have friendly conversations with the chefs asking them how can I get a job just like you? he only spoke spanish, so he got a translator that spoke english, It was a other coworker on his day off. After we finished talking I sat down on a table near the cakes. I wanted something to drink, so I had to get up. I was to afraid of leaving the plate on the table, so I took the plate around getting a cup. Had to ask the manager for straws he was nice at that point. After finishing my meal I got a cup of tea and just looked at the cakes standing for a little while then moved over the food section asking myself what am I going to get? then the manager came. All I did was stan and drink my tea, of course I did walked around but for the reasons of getting foods and drinks. I did not know I couldn't stan at one point? Is there some law? I was not disturbing the costumers, or even in there way. The manager was not professional he gave me a angry and evil look saying " Go set down your making us look bad! " embarrassing me and making me feel very emotional when I left the building right after. I payed my fee, I was a customer, I payed to eat all day till 8:30 thats when they close on monday. Didn't get to injoy my meal. I could'nt even set down, everyone just looked with confusion asking them selfs why can't he stan there with everyone? He was professional when I tryed to talk to him right after he told me to " go set down! " he leaves like a child storming out. Not even giving a ear to hear what I had to say. It felt like I was babysetting my sister. I had to literally yell out my question. Saying "Why can't I stan here and think about what foods I'm going to get!! ". Making me feel like a outkast, a criminal, and a unwanted child. The manager also threaten me saying your friend will get in trouble if you don't set down. It was in Home Town Buffet and at Home Town Buffet you must (stan) and (walk) to get your food and drinks. At that point I did'nt know I'm not soposto get food?

Sure I was next to my friend that works there but I was not disturbing him or the customers, I was not even talking to him. All I did was stan and drink my tea thinking what foods I'm going to get next

So What Do You Think Should I Sue?

I'm Not Doing It For The Money I just felt very sad..

Since this is a buffet and you have to stand and get up to get your food and drinks, then you were doing what you were supposed to do. It might be reasonable that the manager doesn't want the workers to hang out with and talk to the customers, because maybe they have work to do and the manager wants them to do something else. The thing is that you are allowed to talk to whoever you want. If the manager doesn't want his employees to talk to you, he should tell his employees - then the workers can explain to you that they aren't allowed to talk to you and don't want to get in trouble. He has no business telling you not to talk to them, though, and he shouldn't have told you to sit down.

You should have walked away for a second and then got up to get your food and drink without talking to the workers. If the manager then told you to sit down again, you should have told him that you paid to eat and you can't eat if you can't get up to get your food, and if he's going to give you a hard time then you want your money back and you'll leave.

I'm a little confused by this whole story. If you were actually prevented from eating, you should go back and demand a refund and sue if you don't get your money back. If he didn't really prevent you from eating, but you just didn't eat because you were upset and annoyed, then you don't really have a case. If you ate your meal, you don't really have a case either.

I would suggest going back there, and tell the manager that he treated you very rudely for no reason, and ruined your meal. Tell him that if he doesn't want his employees to chat with the customers, he should tell the employees this, and not bother you because it isn't your problem. You should tell him that you'd like an apolgy and a free meal to make up for your unpleasant experience. If he refuses, tell him you've been a good customer (if you go there a lot), but now you'll never eat there again (and make sure you keep your promise).

Again, I don't think an unpleasant experience is a valid reason to sue, as the court will want to see what monetary losses you had, and being treated rudely doesn't amount to "pain and suffering" or "mental anguish". If you feel that your treatment deprived you of eating what you paid for, then maybe you can sue for the cost of the food that you didn't eat.

Highly doubtful.

I don't think you could sue for that for just telling you to sit down.

God, get a life!

Don't even think about suing. You were disturbing the help. I hate going in restaurants where the employees have friends who just stand around and I cannot get served because someone is wanting to visit. Work places are not the place to visit. Have friends over to your place. You were not harmed and just got embarrassed. If you can find an attorney that will take your case and if he can get it to the courts this is what is called lawsuit abuse. If you really wanted to know how to get a chef job go to culinary websites or talk to the manager not the help. You were asked to sit down probably because other customers were complaining that you were hindering their service. I ask only that you stay in your state, we have enough people that bother help in my state.

Nope - you should not sue

All You Can Eat buffet does NOT mean you get there at breakfast

and stay till they close that night

you pay to eat one meal - not breakfast lunch and dinner

(with mid morning and mid afternoon snacks)

you may even get countersued for defrauding an innkeeper

and criminal charges by the local authorities

sorry - you are wrong

To many people in this country are sue happy, that's why prices keep going up. Don't visit your friend at work-pick another place to visit-after work.

Deal with life. Can't sue everybody cause you feel bad.

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