Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is it like working at Subway?


Just would like to know what its like working at subway?

Im thinking applying for a job there.

Whats the pay like for a casual or part-time position?

Do you get rushed?

How is it remembering all the sandwiches?

What are the customers like? do they complain? share stories if they do

im freaking out and i havent even applied for it yet.

thank you

i worked at a Subway for two years. it was annoying, but it payed the bills. It usually starts around minimum wage- I started at $7.10/hr, and finished at $7.75. i could have had more, but the last year or so i was in limbo with leaving, so i never pursued raises. it does get very busy, but as long as your coworkers aren't idiots, you get into a syatem and that makes it better. and the sandwiches are mostly all the same...its not hard to remember...learn a few footlongs, 6 inches are half that amount.

customers, oh, those customers. I'll just keep it simple. some of my favorite (ad all true) customer questions:

How big is your 6-inch sandwich?

how big is your footlong?

is a 6 inch bigger than a footlong?

whats a veggie?

can you make a spicy Italian without the spicy?

(guy comes in): I'll have a Subway. (then goes in the bathroom)

what kind of meat comes on your turkey sandwich?(my favorite!)

I'll have a $5 footlong

or they say I'll have the $5 meatball 9its the same freaking thing!)

is your bread fresh?(insulting question)

and yes, they complain, they never get off they're cell phones, they make messes, and the prospect of ordering a sandwich dumbs down their iq to about that of a blind, deaf sheep. but you just smile and go with it.

I don't think I would do it. I worked in retail, a hotel, and fast food. Pretty much the worst types of jobs because of customers. And just looking at the way customers treat the employees at subway makes me angry because some people are so inconsiderate and ignorant. And you make the food right in front of the customers so you can't get "revenge" if you know what I'm talking about lol.

I worked at Subway for a year when I was 17. Its not a hard job. Each Subway is owned by a franchise owner, so the pay depends on the individual store. I was making 7/hr. But that was a few years ago. All in all, its not a bad gig if you're young, but definitely not something you are going to do forever! No need to freak out; if you screw up and get fired, there are plenty more jobs out there. You'll be just fine!!!!

You wear a uniform that identifies you as a transit worker.

You should ike trains.

That smell ain't mustard.

Not the Subway you were referring too? Sorry.

You'll develop a hatred for sandwiches.

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