Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wendys, Taco Bell, Subway, or KFC?

which of these has the food you enjoy eating the most----, and which foods and why?

I enjoy Subway when I want to feel good about myself. Usually get a turkey on wheat with a bunch of veggies, no mayo.

I enjoy Taco Bell after a night of drinking. Usually get a Volcano taco, nachos supreme & a chili cheese burrito.

I rarely enjoy Wendys. If I do I get spicy chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets & fries w/ honey mustard & sweet & sour sauce.

I enjoy KFC when I'm hungover. I get 2 piece dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy & cole slaw. Dip my chicken in honey.

it depends on my mood. probably Subway, but Wendy's come in a very close second. Subway because their food is so fresh and like...crisp! and Wendy's because I simply love greasy unhealthy food :) I actually ate lunch there yesterday. a chicken sandwich, fries and Dr Pepper, mmmmmm :)

Wendy's has a better hamburger than more fast food places. Taco Bell is just plain "a bargain". Subway is the healthiest. But KFC original recipe is the absolute best flavor of them all. Not a healthy answer.

Wendy's. :D

I love their chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce. I also love their french fries and their frosty's. Yummy. Now you got me craving it! HeeHee. (;

I don't know why I love it, I guess it's just all in the tastebuds.

KFC-their chicken original recipe is the best. Their mashed potatoes are great at the time of order and warmed up. It just tastes really good. I know its not a healthy decision but ever since I was pregnant Ive ate their food like no other...mmm good

Wendys... Mandarin Chicken Salad... YUMMY.....

KFC is the WORST!! A friend of mine is a mechanic and he tried everything to get his hands clean... the only time they got clean was after having KFC... the crap on the chicken cleaned his hands.

Subway because they have relatively inexpensive sandwiches.

Wendy's for their great French fries!

Subway Because they have good sandwiches!

Subway because the choices are endless lol and it's pretty healthy and five dollar footlong! lol

Subway,because i like their subs.i usually get the BMT.

Subway, i like the chiken bacon ranch

Taco Bell

The foods are cheap

those people know

how to make good Mexican

food :)


I like it because it has Mac n' Cheese, which I love!!!!!!! None of the other places have it.

Taco Bell

wendy's their chicken sandwiches and burgers are great!

Subway, fresh and can see it being made.

I would have to say KFC. It's because I like the famous bowl form there. It tastes delicious!

taco bell

taco bell because i LOVE tacos!


Umm...I would have to go with Taco Bell...

wendys or kfc i cant choose lol

all of them are great etc

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