Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Need good fast food alternatives.. No idiot answers please...?

Fast food.. The easiest/fastest/delicious/most convenient way to eat.

All I Do is eat fast food. There are barely any times when I eat at home, mostly because I have no food in my house to cook. Most of these frozen dinners/pizzas from the store are nasty and they take too long to cook. I want food when I want food. Any good alternatives for fast food?

Get a George Forman grill to be used in the kitchen or learn to grill outside. It is so fast to grill a couple of hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, boneless chicken breasts, or pork chops. Once you get used to it, you will realize how inexpensive and good it is! Buying a supply of groceries once a week is important for good food planning. Make a list. It doesn't take but about 30 minutes to get sub sandwich materials, breakfast stuff, and the foods I mentioned to grill. You will feel better eating like this, too!

i don't know if you have mc alister's but they are pretty fast and healthy, subway quiznos, fast cheap healthy. also salad bars, they have those in supermarkets. like winn dixie, heb, walmart, sams etc has plate lunches you can get and you can usually find a place to sit and eat it, even kmart had them. college cafes are good if you can find a parking place. call in togo orders ahead of time from nicer places, but that takes a little planning ahead

Go to the grocery store. Our's has a lot of cooked food ready to eat, by the deli section. Stuff like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salads,

veggies etc.

salads salads salads and chicken work for me. but i always make sure i have time and groceries to have that weekend bbq or dinner.

Hit the salad bar at the supermarket.


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