Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are there any good discos in Trang that play 80 INDUSTRIAL music?

I'd like to take a potential date if I can just find the right spot.

Sorry. In Trang we have no discos. Our dance halls play new age music. We have no places that play 80s music.

Although if you party at the MMMM Beer Palace we play all music.

Weeeellll I could elaborate about a party in my pants and you were welcome to join, but I might get violated for that.

I'm sure there would be a few excellent disco's in trang. They have everything except black market babbies.

not that i know of, but they play lots of that kind of music in the new movie Slum Trang Millionaire.

i really really really wish i had thought of the name MMM Beer. brilliant.

Waaaaaalllt! Waaaallllt!

I'd suggest starting out at my mean my office, then moving on to Beer's disco. I hear there are a lot of ta tas shaking there (the cars of course)

Sorry for your lots. I don't know of any. Perhaps my BFF Phen knows.

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