Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What do i like better pepsi or mountain dew?

ima go out on a limb n say mountain dew

I'm gonna guess MD because I just saw a documentary on all these children in Africa drinking the stuff because it is what was affordable and the parents gave it to them to give them a treat and their teeth were rotting from it. The doctor said it was the worst thing they could be drinking. I understand no carbonated beverages are good for you so I guess it is a lose lose situation.

Man, you definitely like Mountain Dew better! Although they are made by the same company and both taste good, you are the type of individual who needs his caffeine. Mountain Dew gives you more caffeine per ounce!

<3 Fred

mountain dew because it has the the word dew in it hahahaha

I don't know about you, but I like Pepsi. Mountain dew is really bad for you and the taste is not very good.

Pepsi is a far superior product. Enjoy it with gusto!

Mountain Dew.

Pepsi tastes like all acid and it burns my insides.


Pepsi! :)


mountain dew

pepsi upsets my stomach.

uhmmmmm pepsi baaabe ?/div>

Mountain Dew, but only the blue kind

You like pepsi.

mountain dew

Hmmm I don't know about you but I prefer Mountain Dew

I don't like either I like coke


mountain dew is for red necks only

mountain dew it sis awsome

don't know, pepsi is like coke in a way.

mountain dew is gross

You tell us.what DO you like more?Me I like Pepsi

Pepsi gets my vote.

I'm a Diet Pepsi gal myself !!

you tell us

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