Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Subway roast beef sub or Arby roast beef sandwich?

Subway's sandwich never goes old, plus you cant make anything near it when you make a roast beef anything at home.

Arby's sandwich is hella good, but it gets boring after a short time, and you can make it almost the exact same way at home, minus the cheddar sauce.

I prefer Subway, it's more deli like. Arby's is okay, just have to be really hungry and in the mood. And have a lot of horsey sauce.

Neither - I don't eat garbage (Fast Food). I only eat beef if it is organic (pesticide free, antiobiotic free, growth hormone free, and NOT GMO.)

I love Arby's. I can't replicate it at home plus I like it with Horsey or Arby's sauce which I can't make at home. I don't like Subway's roast beef at all. Just my opinion.




it is not the filling . It is the bread buy good quality bread for a decent


Arby's. That is their specialty, they have it perfected.

Subway, I enjoy the freshness

Subway's roast beef sandwich is better.


both are horribly processed factory food that will always fail to fulfill

arbys, but the chedder sauce is gross

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