Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do I want salami or pepperoni on my pizza ,I like the smaller thicker stuff?

I'm getting a pizza and can never work out the difference between salami and pepperoni.

I like the one with the smaller diameter which tends to be cut thicker rather than the wider,thinner one which I find a little dry.

Is that just down to the manufacturer or is one salami and one pepperoni?

Any ideas please,


pepperoni is smaller, and the salami is bigger and its also dry :)

Pepperoni Is Definately Smaller But Thicker. And Salami Tends To Be Dry. You Want The Pepperoni.

Pepperoni is what is usually on pizza, and it's the smaller of the two.

go with traditional safe and absolutely delicious pepperoni.

im jealous. I want pizza. will you share with me?

You should get pepperoni. They are smaller, taste better and salami is kinda dry.


Pepperoni is what you want.

It's pepperoni that you want

Why don't you have half and half that way you get both.

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