Saturday, March 28, 2009

I eat a lot at Big Louie

the waiter didn%26#039;t bring them, so I asked for them and he said they didn%26#039;t come with that item. I said they did the last time I ordered it. He went and asked and came back and said no they don%26#039;t come with that, but I could buy them. So I gave him a cheap tip, like 9%.

Was I too cruel or should he have just brought me some damn rolls, then gotten a nice 25% tip or more as I usually give?

Yeah, ya know, the rolls don%26#039;t cost him anything, and they cost the restaurant about 15 cents. So, he shoulda just got you a couple rolls. I would have left a tip at all. You left too much.

How do you know Louis wouldn%26#039;t know? At my job, you can%26#039;t get even a french fry without putting it into the computer- or a side of blue cheese. You were crappy for penalizing him for doing his job. If you had got them before- THAT is the person that screwed up.


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