Saturday, March 28, 2009

I just bit into a human nail... damn burger king!!!?

last night my boyfriend bought me a double angry whopper and two whopper jr's.. that is exactly what i asked him to buy me. i felt full after eating the angry whopper so i just left the two others for the morning (today). while i was chewing on a bite of my second whopper, i felt something hard. i thought it was weird (sorry it will sound gross) i spit the whole thing out. when i looked.. it looked like a soggy and ripped nail of a human person. i was so freaking grossed out i threw up (and more gross) and even forced myself to throw it all up (the food) but couldnt take everthing out. now im here crying because i dont know what diseases i might get. does anyone know WHAT i can catch this way?! diseases i mean? who knows what the heck the nasty staff touched with that finger???? and how can i disinfect my body???? i am so grossed out!! please help me. i just feel like breaking things right now. is anyone a dr??? please..\

You probably wont catch anything. HIV doesn't live for more than a few minutes outside the body, and I don't think they'd allow someone with hepatitis to prepare food. There's really not much else you can catch from something like that. Food prep people are required to keep their hands clean so you can rule out anything you might get from fecal matter.

Still it's really gross.

However, I would talk to a lawyer before you complain to Burger King.

You don't want them to keep the fingernail at Burger King and invalidate your claim against them. You can get free consultation from a lot of lawyers about stuff like this.

I had a friend who found a whole fingernail with some skin still attached in an apple pie (I don't remember who made the pie) but he was actually chewing on it because he thought it was just some of that hard part of the apple core. He complained to the factory and all they did was send him if he was actually going to eat another one of their pies after that.

I think you should calm down. that is definitely the grossest thing I've heard all day and I don't blame you for being so scared, but freaking out about it won't help anything. I think you should sue Burger King. you could get a good amount of money for that! that's disguisting. I'm so sorry that happened to you. definitely never eat there again.

oh God but I love their cheese tots. haha.

thats so gross, dont ever eat there again. you should go back there and complain.

im not really sure what u can catch other than flu but i think you will be fine.

save the burger and show burger king call them and complain

sue Burger King!!!

I'm not a doctor, but report it STRAIGHT away to Burger King.

That is so nasty, i would go up there and tell them straight away!

ewwwwwwwwww thats just grows!!!

No dont report it to BK, call the local police and have them go up there with you. My dad was at Sonic and found a rubber band in his burger so he went up to Sonic and yelled at them all. No one would confess to putting it in there so he called the fuzz. They were almost as angry at Sonic as he was.

then when the police are there they can help you find a place to get the food tested for disease and what not, as well as yourself.

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