Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starbucks trains its Baristas, correct?

Yes. They get little pins for each course they take. I'm not sure how many there are, but I believe that there are different levels.

I really wish they had Barista School, instead of having to work somewhere to get trained.

Are R2 sandals good quality? Do you know?

yes, you are correct

Yes ()

yep they trained me for 2 months then fired me

Is this what would happen if Indiana Jones was shorted a chicken nugget at McDonald

He counts the nuggets at the counter to see he only got 19 instead of 20, he looks up and gets pschyed up and ready for action knowing what he must do, and then he uses his whip to latch it onto a a piece of equipment overhead, swings back there on his whip, reaches into the nugget tray, takes out a nugget so that's he gets all 20 like he paid for, and then the manager and the mcemployees all pull out machine guns and start shooting at him and then he jumps over the counter avoiding the bullets, retracts his whip, he suddenly uses his whip and latches it onto one of the machine guns and jerks it toward him knocking his and other employees aim off, retracts it yet again, a few employees still continue firing as the other redirect their aim as he runs low and fast through the McDonald's lobby while holding his hat down in case they might shoot off his hat, and then he makes it to the door, he gets in his old 40s classic car, starts it and steps on the gas as the employees run outside still opening fire on him and his car, as he hightails it out of there just in time, and then he realizes he's ok but his car's got a few bullet holes in it, he says "Jeeeze, all this over a chicken nugget.... I'm getting too old for this..."

Is that what would happen?

If I saw that (Indiana Jones thing) happen, I'd be laughing really hard.

If I got shorted, I'd start yelling "YOU RIPOFFS!"

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.....oh jeez. Quite a fan aren't you? I woul simply say you forgot a nugget. No soup for you!!!!!!! jk they would give me one if I asked and if not I would walk out shouting this is the worst mcdonalds ever i cant believe you spit in my drink!!!!!!!

youre assuming that Indiana Jones would order chicken nuggets at McDonalds...i dont know, he strikes me as more of a Big Mac kinda man....

IDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ;p

I can't help but to think this has the makings of another movie... lol... Indiana jones and the box thats too light. Thats about what i would do. maybe with a little newer car though

you forgot the giant big mac rolling down to squash him lol

no i don't think so

er... i would shout at them

HAHAHA . that's probably what would happen .

i would realize i am short a chicken nugget , than i would get real angry , my body would start shaking, and i would start breathing real heavy . next thing you know my skin is green and my muscles ripped my clothes right off , well except my shorts , duh .i'll walk up to the cash register and be like " im one chicken nugget short biiitcch" and the girl will look up and be like shiit she is green and ripped and will be so scared i will get 20 extra free nuggets .


I need Mayfair on the Mcdonalds monoply IF I Get it i

I've got park lane, just need Mayfair

I've got 2 Mayfair's but I don't think it's as simple as just having them both. I think you need to have the winning combination of the codes on the bottom of your card. It would be cool if you just needed both. : )


Does anyone know the Subway Five Dollar Footlong Commercial lyrics in Spanish?

10 points for the first accurate answers!

thanks for helping. :]


cinco dolares

por un sub de un pie de largo


cinco dolares

por un sub de un pie de largo



five dollar

five dollar foot longgggggggg!


cinco dlares

pie de cinco dlares largooooooooooo!

All you have to do is go on google translator and type in what the commercial says.

Whopper vs Daves Deluxe or Baconator?

Which is the best? D.Deluxe is no more sadly.

I love both the Whopper and Baconator, but I've only had the Baconator once and I've had the Whopper several times. I'd probably have to go with the Whopper because when I ate the Baconator, I felt like my arteries were clogging. I don't get that feeling when I eat the Whopper. Plus, the Whopper is flame broiled and has vegetables. I've never had the Dave's Deluxe, so I can't comment on that.

I've never tried Dave's Deluxe, the Baconator is okay, but I don't like how there's just bacon, cheese, and beef. See what I mean here? lol

I think the Whopper is the best because it has the things on there I actually like (onions, pickles lettuce, mayo, ketchup, and of course the meat!).


Definitely love whoppers the best, fresh off the fryer! I like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard on it. And, always onion rings w/ the special sauce rather than fries. ALWAYS!

<3 Fred

I've never had Daves Deluxe and even though the Baconator sounds delicious I'm scared to try it (for fear of a heat attack) But man I love love that Whopper!!


What kind of Mayonnaise does Jack in the Box use?

You know the little mayo packets you can get inside?.

they all use kraft.. due it's the Largest Distributor of mayonnaise

What do i like better pepsi or mountain dew?

ima go out on a limb n say mountain dew

I'm gonna guess MD because I just saw a documentary on all these children in Africa drinking the stuff because it is what was affordable and the parents gave it to them to give them a treat and their teeth were rotting from it. The doctor said it was the worst thing they could be drinking. I understand no carbonated beverages are good for you so I guess it is a lose lose situation.

Man, you definitely like Mountain Dew better! Although they are made by the same company and both taste good, you are the type of individual who needs his caffeine. Mountain Dew gives you more caffeine per ounce!

<3 Fred

mountain dew because it has the the word dew in it hahahaha

I don't know about you, but I like Pepsi. Mountain dew is really bad for you and the taste is not very good.

Pepsi is a far superior product. Enjoy it with gusto!

Mountain Dew.

Pepsi tastes like all acid and it burns my insides.


Pepsi! :)


mountain dew

pepsi upsets my stomach.

uhmmmmm pepsi baaabe ?/div>

Mountain Dew, but only the blue kind

You like pepsi.

mountain dew

Hmmm I don't know about you but I prefer Mountain Dew

I don't like either I like coke


mountain dew is for red necks only

mountain dew it sis awsome

don't know, pepsi is like coke in a way.

mountain dew is gross

You tell us.what DO you like more?Me I like Pepsi

Pepsi gets my vote.

I'm a Diet Pepsi gal myself !!

you tell us

What do you like on the sonic dollar menu?

..and what do you not like?

I love the chicken strip sandwich & small slush. (i just ate it like 10 miutes ago) but i do NOT like the jr.burritos (breakfast OR chili cheese) they are pretty damn disgusting.

the jr. sonic burger

That frito burrito..I think its called...?

frito pie

grilled cheese & fries

Subway roast beef sub or Arby roast beef sandwich?

Subway's sandwich never goes old, plus you cant make anything near it when you make a roast beef anything at home.

Arby's sandwich is hella good, but it gets boring after a short time, and you can make it almost the exact same way at home, minus the cheddar sauce.

I prefer Subway, it's more deli like. Arby's is okay, just have to be really hungry and in the mood. And have a lot of horsey sauce.

Neither - I don't eat garbage (Fast Food). I only eat beef if it is organic (pesticide free, antiobiotic free, growth hormone free, and NOT GMO.)

I love Arby's. I can't replicate it at home plus I like it with Horsey or Arby's sauce which I can't make at home. I don't like Subway's roast beef at all. Just my opinion.




it is not the filling . It is the bread buy good quality bread for a decent


Arby's. That is their specialty, they have it perfected.

Subway, I enjoy the freshness

Subway's roast beef sandwich is better.


both are horribly processed factory food that will always fail to fulfill

arbys, but the chedder sauce is gross

How much is a crave case at white castle?

it has 30 slyders in it

ohhh yum

$19-20 range, before tax

So I

my actions to the beginning I came to home town buffet paid to get in got a plate said Hi to my friend that works there and is the chef we had a nice conversation, while he gave me steak and ground beef to eat. One of the coworkers told on my friend telling the manager that he was talking to friends. I don't know if this was true, but when I asked the coworker is everything ok?

she ignored me. So I guess it was something personal between my friend and her. At the time I was looking for food to put on my plate and have friendly conversations with the chefs asking them how can I get a job just like you? he only spoke spanish, so he got a translator that spoke english, It was a other coworker on his day off. After we finished talking I sat down on a table near the cakes. I wanted something to drink, so I had to get up. I was to afraid of leaving the plate on the table, so I took the plate around getting a cup. Had to ask the manager for straws he was nice at that point. After finishing my meal I got a cup of tea and just looked at the cakes standing for a little while then moved over the food section asking myself what am I going to get? then the manager came. All I did was stan and drink my tea, of course I did walked around but for the reasons of getting foods and drinks. I did not know I couldn't stan at one point? Is there some law? I was not disturbing the costumers, or even in there way. The manager was not professional he gave me a angry and evil look saying " Go set down your making us look bad! " embarrassing me and making me feel very emotional when I left the building right after. I payed my fee, I was a customer, I payed to eat all day till 8:30 thats when they close on monday. Didn't get to injoy my meal. I could'nt even set down, everyone just looked with confusion asking them selfs why can't he stan there with everyone? He was professional when I tryed to talk to him right after he told me to " go set down! " he leaves like a child storming out. Not even giving a ear to hear what I had to say. It felt like I was babysetting my sister. I had to literally yell out my question. Saying "Why can't I stan here and think about what foods I'm going to get!! ". Making me feel like a outkast, a criminal, and a unwanted child. The manager also threaten me saying your friend will get in trouble if you don't set down. It was in Home Town Buffet and at Home Town Buffet you must (stan) and (walk) to get your food and drinks. At that point I did'nt know I'm not soposto get food?

Sure I was next to my friend that works there but I was not disturbing him or the customers, I was not even talking to him. All I did was stan and drink my tea thinking what foods I'm going to get next

So What Do You Think Should I Sue?

I'm Not Doing It For The Money I just felt very sad..

Since this is a buffet and you have to stand and get up to get your food and drinks, then you were doing what you were supposed to do. It might be reasonable that the manager doesn't want the workers to hang out with and talk to the customers, because maybe they have work to do and the manager wants them to do something else. The thing is that you are allowed to talk to whoever you want. If the manager doesn't want his employees to talk to you, he should tell his employees - then the workers can explain to you that they aren't allowed to talk to you and don't want to get in trouble. He has no business telling you not to talk to them, though, and he shouldn't have told you to sit down.

You should have walked away for a second and then got up to get your food and drink without talking to the workers. If the manager then told you to sit down again, you should have told him that you paid to eat and you can't eat if you can't get up to get your food, and if he's going to give you a hard time then you want your money back and you'll leave.

I'm a little confused by this whole story. If you were actually prevented from eating, you should go back and demand a refund and sue if you don't get your money back. If he didn't really prevent you from eating, but you just didn't eat because you were upset and annoyed, then you don't really have a case. If you ate your meal, you don't really have a case either.

I would suggest going back there, and tell the manager that he treated you very rudely for no reason, and ruined your meal. Tell him that if he doesn't want his employees to chat with the customers, he should tell the employees this, and not bother you because it isn't your problem. You should tell him that you'd like an apolgy and a free meal to make up for your unpleasant experience. If he refuses, tell him you've been a good customer (if you go there a lot), but now you'll never eat there again (and make sure you keep your promise).

Again, I don't think an unpleasant experience is a valid reason to sue, as the court will want to see what monetary losses you had, and being treated rudely doesn't amount to "pain and suffering" or "mental anguish". If you feel that your treatment deprived you of eating what you paid for, then maybe you can sue for the cost of the food that you didn't eat.

Highly doubtful.

I don't think you could sue for that for just telling you to sit down.

God, get a life!

Don't even think about suing. You were disturbing the help. I hate going in restaurants where the employees have friends who just stand around and I cannot get served because someone is wanting to visit. Work places are not the place to visit. Have friends over to your place. You were not harmed and just got embarrassed. If you can find an attorney that will take your case and if he can get it to the courts this is what is called lawsuit abuse. If you really wanted to know how to get a chef job go to culinary websites or talk to the manager not the help. You were asked to sit down probably because other customers were complaining that you were hindering their service. I ask only that you stay in your state, we have enough people that bother help in my state.

Nope - you should not sue

All You Can Eat buffet does NOT mean you get there at breakfast

and stay till they close that night

you pay to eat one meal - not breakfast lunch and dinner

(with mid morning and mid afternoon snacks)

you may even get countersued for defrauding an innkeeper

and criminal charges by the local authorities

sorry - you are wrong

To many people in this country are sue happy, that's why prices keep going up. Don't visit your friend at work-pick another place to visit-after work.

Deal with life. Can't sue everybody cause you feel bad.

Is it true that people who work at fast food places get fired easily?

well, someone told me that in fast food places people get let go and fired very soon, and that my friend always sees new faces at taco bell and burger king each time she goes every 3 weeks

is this true?

if so, why?

im not from USA, i just moved a month ago

Yes, they get fired alot and they quit alot too. It's hard to keep this kind of help because usually they are young kids and quickly move on to other jobs, maybe they are only working for the summer, and many times they have no work ethic, and end up getting fired.

Yes and no.

Essentially, these companies expect turn-over to be high, because people quit often. So, they're usually more prepared to fire people - but they still won't unless they have a reason to.

a lot of fast food places hire teenagers and a lot of them are not reliable and don't really want to work. So there is a high turn over in fast food

It's possible. They could also be moving on to better jobs.

I don't know anyone who wants to make a career in fast food.

just do your job right, all you want get fired.

Subway made yesterday.....still safe to eat?

I got a take-away subway yesterday, turkey and ham with cheese, lettuce and Southwest (taco) sauce. It was toasted in the oven.

I( Still haven't eaten it, is it still ok to eat it even now? There's no danger from the meat is there?

Good grief! What a lot of idiots out there.The ham /turkey used is processed ie already cooked and frozen and then then toasted when you bought it,now they are saying its ok to eat if you keep it in the fridge..

BIN IT.All food bought heated should be consumed within a couple of hours of purchase.Put it in the bin!!!!

It should be ok provided you kept it in the fridge or in a cool cupboard. Some people might query about the turkey after having been cooked then cooled but to be quite honest I've eaten far worse and have never suffered in my life! Joke! It'll be ok as long as you eat it before bedtime tonight, besides, some foods actually taste better when they've been left overnight :D

If you kept it in the fridge then it will be perfectly fine, I do it all the time.

If it was not kept below 32 degrees F in a fridge then I would not eat it and would toss it out.

If you put it in the refrigerator, it'll be OK. Whenever I get a foot-long at work, I eat half and put the rest in the fridge for lunch the next day.

As long as it was in the fridge it should be fine. It might taste a little different. I don't like to eat lettuce after it has been sitting on my sandwich on the second day so..

As long as it was refridgerated. I wouldnt really wanna spend money on food I am not planning on eating, then putting in the fridge for the next day. Unless I was rich, or anorexic.

As long as it was in the fridge it will be fine. But it defiantly wont taste as good as it would have.

Subway is a lot better the first day

yeah you can if you kept in in the refrigerator...


They're not even good to eat when freshly made, lololololololol

Only eat it if it was refrigerated.

If it was made yesterday it is still good as long as you leave in the fridge for maximum 2 days.

Its safe but u might want to heat it up just to be safe. : ) subway is delicious i wish i had one right now : (

I wouldn't eat it.

If its been there for a day and its not even been refrigerated then id bin it i wouldn't risk it.

if it was in the fridge overnight, then it should be safe to eat.

otherwise, throw it away

its just from yesterday!

i would eat it....even if it wasnt in the fridge!

why you wasted so much time to eat that????

i couldnt wait >.<

Hmm subway.

Yep as long as it was stored in the fridge.

LOL no.Is there any danger in eating cooked cold ham or chicken from a supermarket? no.

Was it refridgerated?

It should be ok if it was.

naah it should be fine, ive eaten worse

If you refrigerated it, then you are fine! Enjoy!

did you at least refridgerate it? if not then most likely it's not good so i wouldn't even tried.

i dont think you should eat it tbh

just to be safe

Give it to me ... i'll try it for ye and let ye know in a weeks time okies ;-)

I wouldn't risk it....throw it away ....it was heated and cooled and could give you food poisoning !!!

ya it should be fine.

Does the account kzhu98 rock, and if it does, why?

yes it does

What do you want on your Tombstone?

Er um, I mean Pizza. What are your favorite toppings? (Choose up to 3)

Pepperoni, sausage and ham....this girl loves meat!

Oh, I have an idea.

Pick Digornio instead! :p

It's not delivery...

Bacon, buffalo chicken, and pepperoni. :)

sausage, pepperoni, hanburger and pineapple

peperonni, sausage, and mushrooms


Good Ole Canadien bacon..





How about sausage, onions and mushrooms?

pepperoni sausage and ham yummy

Green olives, mushrooms and ham!!

Who knows if Subway does party trays?

& are they any good, Thanks for answers,,,

Heck yeah. They make the original 6 foot sub I think. It's a hit.

yes they do and they also do 5 foot subs.yes they are very good.

some do and some don't. just call and ask.

No they don't youre thinking of another pleace

Do they hire 14 year olds or older at Chick-Fil-A?

I'm trying to get money but i'm barely 14. Do they accept 14 year olds in Chick-Fil-A to work there? And what positions are they for 14 year olds.

I don't like the cashier position.

You should walk in and ask to talk to a manager, then ask the manager. Ask how old you have to be to be hired, ask what positions will they expect you to work.

sorry you are too young

Is this two much to spend?

I spend 200 dollars a month on gas,going out to eat, and pop, candy. Also I do drive a 99 s10 blazer so gas is going to be a little high. And candy and pop is what I eat but mostly eat it at work. And I do go to movies.

No, I don't think it's too much. Only $50 a week.

yeah i think its WAY to much! you should only spend 50 bucks a month on going out and the other 150 for a college education....

order in or mayb try 2 make the food ur self thats not 2 bad butt ur on ur way 2 a bad start in rasiing the $$ here!

I think it might be its affecting your spelling

yes it is. Ithink its haggled your brain

I say try lowing that some but it your money. you live life the way you want to

What do Starbucks Baristas do while they are being trained?

Do they just man the cash register? And is the training done in the store you applied at?

All Starbucks Batista's are trained the exact same way so they can work at whatever other Starbucks if someone is out sick, on vacation or want to transfer.

Everyone learns how to brew and blend each drink (tea, coffee and cold drinks), run the cash register, clean properly behind the counter, floors, restrooms, back room, how to check in and store or display stock.

They also must attend mandatory training programs whenever something new comes out.

Starbucks is a great place to work!

they learn to mix the drinks and make them, you learn to work the register and how to work drive thru. and training can be done at whatever store they want you to train in.

Do I want salami or pepperoni on my pizza ,I like the smaller thicker stuff?

I'm getting a pizza and can never work out the difference between salami and pepperoni.

I like the one with the smaller diameter which tends to be cut thicker rather than the wider,thinner one which I find a little dry.

Is that just down to the manufacturer or is one salami and one pepperoni?

Any ideas please,


pepperoni is smaller, and the salami is bigger and its also dry :)

Pepperoni Is Definately Smaller But Thicker. And Salami Tends To Be Dry. You Want The Pepperoni.

Pepperoni is what is usually on pizza, and it's the smaller of the two.

go with traditional safe and absolutely delicious pepperoni.

im jealous. I want pizza. will you share with me?

You should get pepperoni. They are smaller, taste better and salami is kinda dry.


Pepperoni is what you want.

It's pepperoni that you want

Why don't you have half and half that way you get both.

Need good fast food alternatives.. No idiot answers please...?

Fast food.. The easiest/fastest/delicious/most convenient way to eat.

All I Do is eat fast food. There are barely any times when I eat at home, mostly because I have no food in my house to cook. Most of these frozen dinners/pizzas from the store are nasty and they take too long to cook. I want food when I want food. Any good alternatives for fast food?

Get a George Forman grill to be used in the kitchen or learn to grill outside. It is so fast to grill a couple of hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, boneless chicken breasts, or pork chops. Once you get used to it, you will realize how inexpensive and good it is! Buying a supply of groceries once a week is important for good food planning. Make a list. It doesn't take but about 30 minutes to get sub sandwich materials, breakfast stuff, and the foods I mentioned to grill. You will feel better eating like this, too!

i don't know if you have mc alister's but they are pretty fast and healthy, subway quiznos, fast cheap healthy. also salad bars, they have those in supermarkets. like winn dixie, heb, walmart, sams etc has plate lunches you can get and you can usually find a place to sit and eat it, even kmart had them. college cafes are good if you can find a parking place. call in togo orders ahead of time from nicer places, but that takes a little planning ahead

Go to the grocery store. Our's has a lot of cooked food ready to eat, by the deli section. Stuff like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salads,

veggies etc.

salads salads salads and chicken work for me. but i always make sure i have time and groceries to have that weekend bbq or dinner.

Hit the salad bar at the supermarket.


What is your fave drink to order at sonic drive in?

Um, anything during Happy Hour for sure!

But my top faves are either an orange creamslush, a green apple slushie, or a diet coke :D

There are no Sonic locations where I currently live, but when I lived in Florida, I tried the cherry limeade one time. It was excellent. I've tried cherry limeades from other places, but they don't even come close to Sonic.

cherry limeade

cherry limeade from the hours 2-4

When is the breakfast menu over at Burger King?

Depends on where you live, some end at 10 others around 11.

At my Burger King the breakfast menu ends at 10:30 am


i think around 10 or 10:30.

How much does a cashier and cook make at mcdonald

Cashier:$ 7.03

Cook:$ 6.93

Depends on how many hours worked in a week. For a forty hour work-week, pre-taxes and other deductions, assuming a four week month:

Cashier: $1124.80

Cook: $1108.80

depends how many hours the person works

for a cashier 40 hours a week they would make 1124.80 before taxes are taken out

well where i work i get 6.55hr

im a cashier

How much are those value meals at Mcdonalds suppose to cost in Canada.?

The ones where you have 3 options, bacon cheeseburger double cheeseburger or Jr. Chicken. As well as med. fries and med. drink. I thought it was suppose to be $3.99 before taxes.

In USA they now advertise that they are "under 5 dollars, so they are all like 4.90 w/tax or more expensive now. In canadian dollars? maybe even higher? I'm not sure of the exchange rate any more


Mister Donut Question?!?

Ok, since mister donut originated in the U.S in the beginning (Now turned into dunkin donuts,) Do the recipes in the mister donut shops in asia USED to be american recipes? Or, once asia got the mister donut franchise, did they make their own recipes and donuts? Like, the pon de ring, and the other things. Arer those originally american, or are they just japanese.? Please, thanks. And only answer if you know what a pon de ring is, and ya.

They are all American recipes. I know since I looked into getting a franchise.


Who would never ever work at mcdonalds?

i work there but i was just askin.lol.

im 19 and where i live it's like impossible to get a job i've applied to many places mcdonalds being one of them i mean in times of a bad economy like this and people are being laid off left and right you can't be too picky about where you work. i mean before the economy was this bad i would never consider working at mcdonalds because i don't like their food plus im a vegetarian but since the economy isn't as good anymore money is money and a job is a job.

If I was a teenage and had needs and goals. What is the difference ? They must be doing something right otherwise there would not be so many of them. I have NEVER heard of them cheating employees!!

Peole who feel that it is ABOVE them to work there are too shallow

maybe if i need a job while i was at college. if i was at college and need a job i would rather work at subway, the mall any where but Macdonald's

P.S: NO offense 2 u. sorry if i offended u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

I think someone who doesn't really care about there outward apperance. I also think someone who needs the money and someone who really wants money! i would work there only for money!

Well the ones who live in New York, or Paris would never work there. Only the rich wouldn't work there. Like Me.

I wouldn't.

There are higher paying jobs that are better.

I am way overqualified for mickey Ds.

a jobs a job.. I know some cool peole out there think they are too good to work there but whatever...

I could never work there cause I'd eat all the fries..

I would only work there for like my FIRST job ever if i was like 14 or something. But working there isn't bad. Least you get paid!

The greatest thing on eating at fast food is that they always give you some free food. Well, some of them.

i wouldnt be caught dead working there-but then again id probably still be moving faster than their employees

I wouldn't. But that's OK if you do. It's better than no job at all.

I wouldn't.

not to be racist or anything but i only see spainish peeps working there

I wouldn't


i wouldnt. i would never be able to eat there again if i did...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is there any mountains in Trang I can climb?

In the southern part of town you have Trang hills. Not quite mountains but they are just as nice. They are a popular place for the tourist to go and eat some Trang food.

Byron, are you forgetting? There's TaTa Mountain...Very popular with the Tourists and Locals alike!

PS...Byron just wants to keep TaTa Mountain a secret...he's up there every weekend!

No, but there are mounds you can massage.

No but there are some in Sydney.

Mount Beer is always a good choice.

What is it like working at Subway?


Just would like to know what its like working at subway?

Im thinking applying for a job there.

Whats the pay like for a casual or part-time position?

Do you get rushed?

How is it remembering all the sandwiches?

What are the customers like? do they complain? share stories if they do

im freaking out and i havent even applied for it yet.

thank you

i worked at a Subway for two years. it was annoying, but it payed the bills. It usually starts around minimum wage- I started at $7.10/hr, and finished at $7.75. i could have had more, but the last year or so i was in limbo with leaving, so i never pursued raises. it does get very busy, but as long as your coworkers aren't idiots, you get into a syatem and that makes it better. and the sandwiches are mostly all the same...its not hard to remember...learn a few footlongs, 6 inches are half that amount.

customers, oh, those customers. I'll just keep it simple. some of my favorite (ad all true) customer questions:

How big is your 6-inch sandwich?

how big is your footlong?

is a 6 inch bigger than a footlong?

whats a veggie?

can you make a spicy Italian without the spicy?

(guy comes in): I'll have a Subway. (then goes in the bathroom)

what kind of meat comes on your turkey sandwich?(my favorite!)

I'll have a $5 footlong

or they say I'll have the $5 meatball 9its the same freaking thing!)

is your bread fresh?(insulting question)

and yes, they complain, they never get off they're cell phones, they make messes, and the prospect of ordering a sandwich dumbs down their iq to about that of a blind, deaf sheep. but you just smile and go with it.

I don't think I would do it. I worked in retail, a hotel, and fast food. Pretty much the worst types of jobs because of customers. And just looking at the way customers treat the employees at subway makes me angry because some people are so inconsiderate and ignorant. And you make the food right in front of the customers so you can't get "revenge" if you know what I'm talking about lol.

I worked at Subway for a year when I was 17. Its not a hard job. Each Subway is owned by a franchise owner, so the pay depends on the individual store. I was making 7/hr. But that was a few years ago. All in all, its not a bad gig if you're young, but definitely not something you are going to do forever! No need to freak out; if you screw up and get fired, there are plenty more jobs out there. You'll be just fine!!!!

You wear a uniform that identifies you as a transit worker.

You should ike trains.

That smell ain't mustard.

Not the Subway you were referring too? Sorry.

You'll develop a hatred for sandwiches.

Are there any good discos in Trang that play 80 INDUSTRIAL music?

I'd like to take a potential date if I can just find the right spot.

Sorry. In Trang we have no discos. Our dance halls play new age music. We have no places that play 80s music.

Although if you party at the MMMM Beer Palace we play all music.

Weeeellll I could elaborate about a party in my pants and you were welcome to join, but I might get violated for that.

I'm sure there would be a few excellent disco's in trang. They have everything except black market babbies.

not that i know of, but they play lots of that kind of music in the new movie Slum Trang Millionaire.

i really really really wish i had thought of the name MMM Beer. brilliant.

Waaaaaalllt! Waaaallllt!

I'd suggest starting out at my shop...er..I mean my office, then moving on to Beer's disco. I hear there are a lot of ta tas shaking there (the cars of course)

Sorry for your lots. I don't know of any. Perhaps my BFF Phen knows.

If we put grape jam on waffles, why doesn

Maybe coat them in powdered sugar?

Well then why don't you put ketchup on your waffles?


because waffle shape fries are potatoes and jam and potatoes would be nasty together!

That sounds like it would be good.

They all should offer many more types of syrups for both pancakes and waffles.

because even though it might have the shape of a waffle, its made out of potato and not dough.

Someone told me that..?

in Trang, b.ukkake means hospitality. Where can I get some of this hospitality there?

I think you have to go to Phuket to find this. Me love you long time too!

Ya Ya.....

You all want ******* until someone offers it up. Then you run back to your worthless, limp Dick husbands!

You need a Kock jammed in you, call someone who cares!

go to red light district hotel and the fellows there will treat you right.

me luv you long time.

Nesbitt Inn, Windsor?

We visited the Nesbitt Inn years ago. We're traveling to Windsor and wanted to have lunch there but I cannot find it on the web? Has it changed hands within the last few years? Or has it closed?

On July 9/08 during a Windsor Heritage Committee meeting there was a request to demolish the former Nesbitt Inn located at 131 Elliott Street West. It was indicated that the owner was requesting demolition of the structure to construct a parking lot consisting of 26 spaces.

I guess lunch there is out of the question but you can at least park your car there. - sorry no pun intended.

You find so many old buildings torn down to make way for new unfortunately.

Hopefully this answers your question.

Does Trang have a nightlife?

I heard it was very family oriented. A great place to take your kids. However I like to go out and do more adult stuff. Drinking, dancing.....

Only if I go there. Drinking and dancing are my only skillz

Absolutely! Lots of fun nightlife!

If they didn't have drinking do ya really think I would live there. Of course we got boozin places were like the party capitol of the world. Have you seen our beachs? We throw the best beach parties.

In Phen's pants.

I just bit into a human nail... damn burger king!!!?

last night my boyfriend bought me a double angry whopper and two whopper jr's.. that is exactly what i asked him to buy me. i felt full after eating the angry whopper so i just left the two others for the morning (today). while i was chewing on a bite of my second whopper, i felt something hard. i thought it was weird (sorry it will sound gross) i spit the whole thing out. when i looked.. it looked like a soggy and ripped nail of a human person. i was so freaking grossed out i threw up (and more gross) and even forced myself to throw it all up (the food) but couldnt take everthing out. now im here crying because i dont know what diseases i might get. does anyone know WHAT i can catch this way?! diseases i mean? who knows what the heck the nasty staff touched with that finger???? and how can i disinfect my body???? i am so grossed out!! please help me. i just feel like breaking things right now. is anyone a dr??? please..\

You probably wont catch anything. HIV doesn't live for more than a few minutes outside the body, and I don't think they'd allow someone with hepatitis to prepare food. There's really not much else you can catch from something like that. Food prep people are required to keep their hands clean so you can rule out anything you might get from fecal matter.

Still it's really gross.

However, I would talk to a lawyer before you complain to Burger King.

You don't want them to keep the fingernail at Burger King and invalidate your claim against them. You can get free consultation from a lot of lawyers about stuff like this.

I had a friend who found a whole fingernail with some skin still attached in an apple pie (I don't remember who made the pie) but he was actually chewing on it because he thought it was just some of that hard part of the apple core. He complained to the factory and all they did was send him coupons...as if he was actually going to eat another one of their pies after that.

I think you should calm down. that is definitely the grossest thing I've heard all day and I don't blame you for being so scared, but freaking out about it won't help anything. I think you should sue Burger King. you could get a good amount of money for that! that's disguisting. I'm so sorry that happened to you. definitely never eat there again.

oh God but I love their cheese tots. haha.

thats so gross, dont ever eat there again. you should go back there and complain.

im not really sure what u can catch other than flu but i think you will be fine.

save the burger and show burger king call them and complain

sue Burger King!!!

I'm not a doctor, but report it STRAIGHT away to Burger King.

That is so nasty, i would go up there and tell them straight away!

ewwwwwwwwww thats just grows!!!

No dont report it to BK, call the local police and have them go up there with you. My dad was at Sonic and found a rubber band in his burger so he went up to Sonic and yelled at them all. No one would confess to putting it in there so he called the fuzz. They were almost as angry at Sonic as he was.

then when the police are there they can help you find a place to get the food tested for disease and what not, as well as yourself.

So I had my friend pick me up a shiny new leash and collar for my boy toy.?

Where shall I walk him.

Here is the choke collar you asked for...take him to the park and let your doggy run!

Yes he WILL love it and you can walk him right on over to my house where we can have a "conversation" you know how we all love to talk.

You got me a present ??!?

You know I'd wear one ANYWHERE you wanted lover.

What ever happened to the

Did he just not work out as a character or what?

still shows up in a few print ads

Should the big mac be offered as one large patty like the whopper?

It would get rid of all that extra bread and would allow us to enjoy that delicious special sauce more. What are your feelings on this subject?


Nah, I'm actually quite happy the way it is. They used to have the single patty Big Mac, but it was not the quarter Pounder.

I think that the big mac tastes good the way it is now.


I like it the way it is :-)

Wendys, Taco Bell, Subway, or KFC?

which of these has the food you enjoy eating the most----, and which foods and why?

I enjoy Subway when I want to feel good about myself. Usually get a turkey on wheat with a bunch of veggies, no mayo.

I enjoy Taco Bell after a night of drinking. Usually get a Volcano taco, nachos supreme & a chili cheese burrito.

I rarely enjoy Wendys. If I do I get spicy chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets & fries w/ honey mustard & sweet & sour sauce.

I enjoy KFC when I'm hungover. I get 2 piece dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy & cole slaw. Dip my chicken in honey.

it depends on my mood. probably Subway, but Wendy's come in a very close second. Subway because their food is so fresh and like...crisp! and Wendy's because I simply love greasy unhealthy food :) I actually ate lunch there yesterday. a chicken sandwich, fries and Dr Pepper, mmmmmm :)

Wendy's has a better hamburger than more fast food places. Taco Bell is just plain "a bargain". Subway is the healthiest. But KFC original recipe is the absolute best flavor of them all. Not a healthy answer.

Wendy's. :D

I love their chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce. I also love their french fries and their frosty's. Yummy. Now you got me craving it! HeeHee. (;

I don't know why I love it, I guess it's just all in the tastebuds.

KFC-their chicken original recipe is the best. Their mashed potatoes are great at the time of order and warmed up. It just tastes really good. I know its not a healthy decision but ever since I was pregnant Ive ate their food like no other...mmm good

Wendys... Mandarin Chicken Salad... YUMMY.....

KFC is the WORST!! A friend of mine is a mechanic and he tried everything to get his hands clean... the only time they got clean was after having KFC... the crap on the chicken cleaned his hands.

Subway because they have relatively inexpensive sandwiches.

Wendy's for their great French fries!

Subway Because they have good sandwiches!

Subway because the choices are endless lol and it's pretty healthy and five dollar footlong! lol

Subway,because i like their subs.i usually get the BMT.

Subway, i like the chiken bacon ranch

Taco Bell

The foods are cheap

those people know

how to make good Mexican

food :)


I like it because it has Mac n' Cheese, which I love!!!!!!! None of the other places have it.

Taco Bell

wendy's their chicken sandwiches and burgers are great!

Subway, fresh and can see it being made.

I would have to say KFC. It's because I like the famous bowl form there. It tastes delicious!

taco bell

taco bell because i LOVE tacos!


Umm...I would have to go with Taco Bell...

wendys or kfc i cant choose lol

all of them are great etc

Can they kick you out of Souplantation after a certain amount of time?

Can they kick you out of Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes after a few hours, even if you are still eating? We plan to go their at 2pm and leave at 6pm. Do they have the grounds to kick you out between meals?

OK, you are probably not going to like the response I'm going to give.

I work at a restaurant and other restaurant workers really don't like people like you. You're what we call "Nester's."

Now it's one thing if you want to sit around and ring up a bill to over $1,000. That's worth the time you're putting in. But when you only spend about $10 per person & run the server around, you are wasting a LOT of peoples time. The server could have had someone at that table who is going to spend money. In 4 hours, that table could have been used 2 or possibly even 3 times. The kitchen is not being kept busy and the restaurant loses money because you aren't spending any. You're also being disrespectful to other guests who would like to come in and dine, but can't sit because you're busy wasting your life away in a restaurant. You could also be cutting into other peoples reservation time. It's even worse if you do it late at night when restaurant employees are ready to go home.

Now to answer your question, a manager can ask you to leave, but you don't have to. There is no law stating that you can only spend a certain amount of time at a restaurant. It's highly unlikely that a manager in a full service restaurant will do that because to upset anyone means that bad news will travel around about their place. Maybe you should call ahead and see if you can rent a table out for four hours so as not to upset anyone.

I eat a lot at Big Louie

the waiter didn%26#039;t bring them, so I asked for them and he said they didn%26#039;t come with that item. I said they did the last time I ordered it. He went and asked and came back and said no they don%26#039;t come with that, but I could buy them. So I gave him a cheap tip, like 9%.

Was I too cruel or should he have just brought me some damn rolls, then gotten a nice 25% tip or more as I usually give?

Yeah, ya know, the rolls don%26#039;t cost him anything, and they cost the restaurant about 15 cents. So, he shoulda just got you a couple rolls. I would have left a tip at all. You left too much.

How do you know Louis wouldn%26#039;t know? At my job, you can%26#039;t get even a french fry without putting it into the computer- or a side of blue cheese. You were crappy for penalizing him for doing his job. If you had got them before- THAT is the person that screwed up.


What is your favorite Snack?

My favorite is Coffee Cake, but Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake is even better! I just cannot leave those suckers, I love them!!

Local vanilla ice cream (they make THE BEST EVER vanilla, I swear) is what I love, especially with a Galaxy Ripple or Cadbury's Flake broken up and sprinkled over it!! Mmmmmm....

And shortbread. Homemade obviously. Nothing beats homemade shortbread. With some melted chocolate in a fancy pattern on it too.

As you can see, I'm a sucker for chocolate.

Well...... Once again, you're question has got me thinking. This time about food. And I want some now. Shame I finished the ice cream last week and haven't bought anymore yet....


Milk and cookies always works :)

im a sucker for ice cream as well, ice cream cake is good xD muffins but yup

I love eating those Cheez-its crackers xD or maybe just some good ol' popcorn :)

i love reeses!

they are literally amazingggggggggggggggggg

i like ginger snaps with a large glass of milk.


chips and chex mix


i have 2 nights left...

Here are some of my favorites:

District Chop House - steak & onsite brewed beer (7th & E Streets NW)

Jaleo - spanish tapas & great sangria (7th & E Streets NW)

Rosa Mexicana - mexican, fresh guacamole made at your table (7th & F Streets NW)

Aaitish on the Hill - India (6th & Pennsylvania Ave. SE)

Matchbox - brick oven pizza (downtown at 7th & I Streets NW or Capitol Hill at 8th & E Streets SE)

Hey, my fave restaurants r the ones that serve Indian food! The food is spicy but it tastes realllyy good, lol :D

Go to yellowpages.com and type in Indian restaurants and ur address. it should give u a few choices.

ps: its kinda expensive but worth every penny.

Do you think a 24-hour restaurant would have rodent problems?

...the lights never go out and there's always activity, so do you think a restaurant open 24 hours would have a rodent problem?

I'm interested in an apartment located right next to a 24-hour McDonald's and I fear the fast food will be a high traffic rodent area. But if it's open 24-hours, I'm hoping the pests may be deterred.

What do you think? 10 pts.

Probaly not. because they wouldnt want to come over to the apartments they would rather stay where the food is. (at mcdonalds)

With all the activity & light, I doubt it very much. Also, most McDonald's have a very good sanitation program.

Don't do it, they still have a dumpster and 24 hrs. a day customers

of cource

What kind of delicacies do they eat in Trang?

I love food and am interested in what gets eaten there.

The main Trang delicacy is special Trang Pie most of the local men eat this on a daily basis while the ladies prefer to eat snake.

B ukkake. A Japanese delicacy.

Bearded clam sammiches.......Mmmmmmmmm!

Sausages and clams.

I've had some delicious sausage there.

They have prune trang. It's to die for!

How many of you had your first job at a fast food joint?

How was it? How long did you stick with it?

McDonalds for 2 years back in 1974.

I was so excited to get the job because it was a brand new store and there were not many jobs available. We had to write the orders down on a pad and add it all by hand. We had to calculate the tax too. No computer to tell you how much change to give!

Now I am a CPA...wonder if the early math made a difference in my career choice?

ME!....I worked at Mcd's. Only reason i picked that was because that was the only place locally that would hire 15 year olds and i wanted a job RIGHT THEN. I worked there until I was 16, and quit to become a waitress at a Perkins and stuck it out there for 5 years.

Actually, mine was at a gym cleaning mirrors from the sweat of men working out. I didn't get paid, but I got to work out weekly for free. My first real paying job was being a bag boy at a local grocery store. Sucks when I was stronger than the boys. Paper was in back then.

My first job was fast food. It was really easy. it was the easiest job i have ever hadd. i was there from 15 to 19 it was really fun too. and i met my first real bf there so all in all it was good

I started at Chick-fil-A when I was 15 and six years later I'm still there. I love my job. I'm an assistant general manager and I hope to operate my own chick-fil-a in the future.

not mine. my first job was at a recreational park , which was wen I was just 16. but my 2nd one was at Taco Bell.

My first job was at Wendy's when I was 17. It sucked. I stayed there for 5 months.

ME lol subway baby, 14 years old! i loved it, worked there for 2 years