Saturday, March 28, 2009

Do you think a 24-hour restaurant would have rodent problems?

...the lights never go out and there's always activity, so do you think a restaurant open 24 hours would have a rodent problem?

I'm interested in an apartment located right next to a 24-hour McDonald's and I fear the fast food will be a high traffic rodent area. But if it's open 24-hours, I'm hoping the pests may be deterred.

What do you think? 10 pts.

Probaly not. because they wouldnt want to come over to the apartments they would rather stay where the food is. (at mcdonalds)

With all the activity & light, I doubt it very much. Also, most McDonald's have a very good sanitation program.

Don't do it, they still have a dumpster and 24 hrs. a day customers

of cource

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