Saturday, July 3, 2010

Could this be low blood sugar? Nerves? something else? plz help ;(?

im a 16 year old girl and im really skinny. ive had blood pressure problems but idk what this is.

ive already gotten blood work done but nothing bad showed up. could i still have low blood sugar problems though?

earlier today i was in the pool and i was in for a while. I get cold fast for maybe this has something to do with this but i all the sudden felt sick, and i got out and i was freezing and jittering., and i felt like i could pass out. i felt bad. i ate something, but it helped a little and now im at home, and my legs r tingling and arms are stiffning up and im shaky! im also cold. and my head feels light headed.i feeel like crap. do you know what this could be linked to? and i have circulation problems could that be it?

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