Saturday, July 3, 2010

Guyss, im going to melbourne in about 5 months and i really want to lose weightt!?

okay, so i am 14 im about 168cm i wanna lose the weight fast, i am also 85kgs i want to get down to 68. HELP PLEASEE!!!!!

im looking for tips and motavation reasons and how to lose it fast. xo
best ways to loose weight at home

follow these three simple steps

open this blog

(copy n paste in browser to open it)

wen it opens u ll see pink color links

open them they will take u to the best weight loosing exercise

start loosing weight
P90X....You can do it in 3 months and have 2 to spare, comes with a diet plan and workout at home. Message me if you want more information as I

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