Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why aint i losin weight?

Well, i just had a baby boy on the fourth of june, and at delivery i weighed 178lbs, and im 5 foot 3 and a half. Three days after i had him, i started eating crazy healthy, and been keepin track of calories. We switched all of our food to whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, only lean ground turkey, and grilled chicken breast, Leafy greens, and I have not ate fast food once, and i drink fat free skim milk. I also been drinking water like crazy, i go throu a half gallon a day. no pop ever or soda or juice or alcohol. As for bein active I started workin out with my husband three weeks ago at the gym doing the treadmill only for 1 mile running, and then joggin on incline for 15 mins. I also have been taking our dogs for a walk every single day without fail and we walk 2 miles. I been keeping track of my calories also and have never had a day where i went over 1500 calories.. So why havent i been losing weight... I am down to 151, but i got down to this 6 days after my delivery so i am guessing it was all water and baby... Why have i been the same weight for the past three weeks? I just dont understand with all the sweating i do at the gym plus all the walking and im always starving from not eating alot.. Can someone please please help me out here! I am supposed to only weigh 115 to like 125 and I feel like im working really hard the past three weeks and nothing has happened.. I didnt expect to lose 20 lbs as soon as i started working out but i was hoping for at least 6 to 7 lbs considering thats about 2 lbs a week and all the hard work im putting into it! I eat so healthy i cut out so much bad food... I feel cursed! Im always moving taking care of the newborn and my 15 month old and our dogs and cat and cleaning the house and working in our garden... I just feel like everyone i see is like oh what a fat *** sitting on the couch poppin out kids... Its just so so frustrating to me ... When i weighed myself today i cried for almost three hours, and threw out a ton of my clothes.. i just dont want to be fat anymore and need advice on why i cant lose weight
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First of all, you are doing a TERRIFIC job! So much dedication! What you are doing is super healthy and natural and it shows how truly commited you are because you are doing so much. For that I truly aplaud you. Not many people would be able to do what you are doing on such short notice.

That being said, relax. You WILL lose the weight. Just remember, it may take a little more time (depending on metabolism, age, etc.). Don

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